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August 26, 2014

Professional Corporate Portraits
 A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.                                                                                       Edward Steichen

Over many years of photographing hundreds of Corporate Portraits for Professionals, I have put together a quick article to help all of you prepare for your next session.

Do Dress Conservatively:  Be aware of the appropriate attire for your industry and stay within those looks. Polo Shirts and Dress Pants or Suit & Tie for men.  Perhaps the latest Fashions are a must.  What ever you choose dress with only a few accessories.Make sure that your jacket and shirt fit well and are properly pressed to look New or like New.   For a no jacket look, coloured shirts enhance your features better.  Bring a small selection of Jackets, Ties, & Shirts to choose from during your session. 

Do Choose Solid Colours:  Avoiding busy patterns or stripes will keep the attention on your face.  Wear colours that will enhance your Eyes or Skin tones. 

Do Keep Jewellery Simple:   The picture is about your face, not your jewelry.  Avoid jewelry that would distract from your face or that looks dated.

Do hire a Professional Photographer:  It is best to avoid having family or friends take Business Portraits no matter how well meaning they are in wanting to help.  Professional Photographers know the best lighting, angles and locations to showcase the most professional image for you and your business. 

Do Select a Location that adds to Brand:  Whether it be in your office, a garden, warehouse or studio it is critical to fit the image to your brand or industry.  Discuss with your photographer possible locations and let them make the right selection for you.  Take advantage of great locations during the summer and fall months.  Refresh your image on all of your Social Media sites to keep up to date with your business associates and customers.

Do Smile!  Smiling in your Professional Portrait is very important. This is key to showcasing your personality and portraying an approachable and trustworthy Image to connect with your current or potential clientele.  

Most importantly remember to relax and let your personality show! That is what your business needs and clients want to see. Message me for your consultation to discuss your next Corporate Portrait


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