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August 24, 2014

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2014.08.23 | Afternoon of Art

There is nothing better than on a cold afternoon to visit the Glenbow Museum.  What a great resource we have in the city.  We were especially treated to some of the masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.  What a treat to see the masters brush strokes on canvas or chalk and charcoal on velum.  Salvador Dali, Eugene Delacroix, Emily Carr, Matisse and many more.  You will need to go to the Glenbow to see these. Exhibits last day is the 24th of August!

Next to see was Bee Kingdom. All in glass. Stunning Colors and interesting concepts. #all2c

We can never leave without stopping in at the First Nations exhibit. I love the beautiful bead work! 

This is intriguing each time I visit! I am not sure if it is the colors, the medium or the subject that captivates me.


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