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January 20, 2021

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Diani Beach Kenya December 2019   - Jason and Kinya 

No need to reiterate the emotions of 2020, yet here I am in 2021 after feeling like I had hibernated from friends and family for the majority of the last year because of Covid-19 restrictions.  So much heartbreak and loss for so many last year.  So much reflection and Isolation. 

To those I have not been in touch with I have truly missed you all and will be making attempts to reconnect if you have the time.  

2021 will be the year to reconnect, reenergize, remember and reinstate the goals of past years with new vigor and strength. Having embraced my weaknesses and finding the strengths I write this to you, well mostly for myself so that I can have some tangible document to look back on when I slow to a halt.  

I start this year with gratitude for so much.  For my family of 3 to my family of hundreds.  I am so grateful for the strength shared with me and the opportunities given to me over the all know who you are! I have disconnected this last year and feel that I am resurfacing with a peace and love for all around me.  

I wish you all a Happy New Year... be it 20 days late, and hope that this year will bring peace, joy and a renewed strength to you all!




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