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April 6, 2020

Images in Isolation

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the online experiment in digital social unification.

So here is how this short process works

You would have received an email (otherwise you wouldn't be here ) from III (short for Images in Isolation ). This email would have included a unique ID number starting with a two or three letter country code followed by a set of numbers.  You will need this ID handy when you are ready to get your III taken.


1) Consider this as an extraordinary photo session. Dress up, dress down, be creative but be decent...this is a family event and your photos will show up online :-)

2) Pick a location.  This could be around your kitchen table, on your couch, bed, swimming pool, outdoors where ever you can take your camera/device and access the Internet. Make sure you have adequate lighting.  What you see  on your device (smartphone, laptop etc. ) is what I will see and photograph.

3) TIMES: Thanks to self isolation I am pretty much stuck at my desk. While I do like to sleep in I will be up and around monitoring my III Room on my mobile phone from 9:30 AM MST till 10:30 PM MST [MONDAY to SATURDAY].  As I have friends and family in India and Australia whose day time are evening or later in the day in my timezone, I would urge my north american family and friends to try and log in early on in the day (preferably before 7 pm MST).


Read through this or scroll to the bottom and click on the logo to start.

                        •       Enter your Client ID and a name. 
                        •      Your client ID was sent to you in an email when you registered.    
                        •      If you haven't registered yet please click here to do so.  

              • Allow permissions for the application to use your Camera and Microphone. 
              • Once you have your camera working and Microphone testing okay go ahead and         KNOCK      
              • Depending upon how many people are ahead of you or is the capacity of the room has been filled, your photographer may either let you in, put you on hold or reject your request.


              •   If you do not wish to wait on hold or if you are rejected you may , go here to book a preferred time and date  .
              •  This time will be confirmed and your time slot will be ready for you, without having to hold. Please be on time or else the spot may be offered to the next waiting  participant. 

Once in the room, your photographer will help you through rest of the process. 

Any questions or concerns please email [email protected] 





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