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February 10, 2017


Sigrid Roethlingshoefer
October 8th, 1933 - January 6th, 2017

This tribute is to a lady that embodied grace, sophistication and personality that reflected in every step she took and outfit she wore.  I had the pleasure of meeting Sigrid years ago on one of my photography assignments for Twigs & Company.  She was working there at her young age of 75(ish). The first day I met her I walked in and here she was decked out in a stunning black outfit, heeled boots, the most sparkly and striking jewelry adorned her with her beautiful red hair cut to a bob with bangs, perfect makeup, joyful smile and that incredible accent to top it off! She embodied the spunk and attitude I wanted when I reach her age.

The beginning of this year, January 6th, 2016 she passed away due to late stage pancreatic cancer. She had been given 3 months in October.  As with anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer, the thoughts of what is really important go through one’s mind and she debated on who she should let know about her diagnosis, not wanting to have anyone change the way they treated her because she was not going to recover.  This is such a personal choice.  I would have loved to have known sooner as there was so much more I wanted to learn about her fascinating life.

Born in the 30’s she lived through WWII as a child and near the end of the war she would pick berries and mushrooms in the black forest because there was so little for food. She came out of it a vibrant strong woman. I loved to listen to her stories, she would occasionally tell, of when she was young. One of my favorites was of when she was living in Austria (this is an account from my memory and may not be exactly accurate but is to the best of my knowledge) and was boarding at a ladies home and working for a newspaper. She would describe the boss of the paper as so tall and handsome and kind. She gives credit to this paper for her learning to type. As a young lady she was very fond of movies and as such she would often leave work to see them in the afternoon cinema. Her boss was completely fine with this, however, the lady that was steward over her did not. She would randomly stop in to find Sigrid not at work and head over to the theatre to drag her out. This lady took her job very seriously in regards to Sigrid.

Sigrid told me once of how much she always loved her mother’s beautiful red hair as a young girl. So much so that she wanted to dye hers the same color. She had written her mother for permission and was granted the approval. The lady of the house she was staying in, found out and promptly told her that she was not allowed to do such a thing. Then told Sigrid that she would be calling her mother. Sigrid had told her that she had permission from her mother in a letter, but that was no good. So they had to head down the street to the phone and she called.  Sigrid’s mother told her, by all means that Sigrid could dye her hair and it was not up to the lady to restrict her.  So until the very end Sigrid had beautiful red hair!

She immigrated to Montreal Canada, then Edmonton,  where she would meet her late husband and  become a business owner in partnership with him.  

She was not your typical senior citizen! She has had a striking personality and always had a love for jewellry and art! From the first moment I saw her I knew I wanted to photograph her.  She didn’t like to be photographed, as many don’t, however, over the years we got to know each other and she was finally comfortable enough to accept the offer.  So in the end of November 2015, I was working on my Urban Portraits project that would showcase the diversity of those living and working in Downtown and Beltline, Calgary, she agreed.   It was so much fun, as we planned her Environmental Portrait, involving her treasures and the place she worked up until her last days at 83. That day she came decked out with jewels, her Fur coat and dressed to the nines! I will always remember her expression as she saw her image for the first time! She was so taken in with it that all that came out was a little “oh, oh so beautiful”  

Urban Portraits Exhibition - April 22nd - May 1st, 2016

When asked what she likes about working downtown this is what she had to say!
“On the days that I know I’m going to work at Twigs & Co. on Stephen Avenue I wake up happy knowing that I’m going Downtown.  I feel like I have an extra bounce in my step. There is always a vibrancy in the core - that I don’t find anywhere else!  I have a Smile on my face and my lipstick is a little bit brighter.  I put on my best jewellery and sparkle just in case something good happens to me today!   I’m a sucker for a handsome man in a suit, polished shoes and there is always an abundance of them on a weekday downtown.”  ~ Sigrid

Although I only had the opportunity to spend time with her on occasion she would brighten my day! We will all miss you Sigrid!


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