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April 22, 2015

St. Stephen's Community Garden | 2015

Over the last month or so we have become involved with the St. Stephens Community Garden.  As a family we have been excited about this opportunity in more than one way.  Originally the idea of gardening a little plot & trying our hand out at more than just herbs and tomatoes with our son, was motivation enough to sign up for this Community Garden.  

Our first garden was a hanging herb garden in our balcony window using recycled water bottles as planters that my husband created.  

The following year we added Tomatoes. 

This year is in the planning stages still.   My husband and I had discussed ideas on how we would document our garden when he suggested that perhaps I could volunteer to photograph the entire garden throughout the complete project.  I am now the official photographer for  St. Stephens Community Garden, thanks to his idea and the committee for allowing me this wonderful opportunity.  

I am a Wife, Mother, & Artist. I am Photographer / Owner of 2Create Photography. My husband Randeep & son Veer (an active 7.5 year old for whom this gardening experience is aimed at) make up my little family,  that you will see around the garden this year. 

 I was born and raised in a little Southern Alberta Village in the midst of farm country but only became interested in any sort of plants in the last few years.  My husband from India. My Father in Law is an avid gardener in India in his retirement years, from whom I am able to gain a wealth of information in every phone call or visit. We have now started a balcony compost on his information.  
I love my family, my husbands cooking, photography, indian food, art, chocolate, movies, the rain, music, camping, cheesecake, tickle fights and hugs from my son most of all.

I am extremely excited for the Community Garden to begin this year as it will be documented from the Box Building & Planting to Harvest and Breakdown. I will be including a variety of Media for the project which will be accessible to everyone via FB, Web, Blog etc. Also alot of you may be taking your own photographs and may capture something incredible so my husband will be setting up Crowdsourcing to make it easy for you to share your images to the group of Gardeners by Instagram, FB etc.  I will be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks detailed information such as a designated hashtag and more! 

I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing Gardening Tips! 


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