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August 2, 2014


A Letter to my Grandmother

Since the passing of my Grandmother Nadiene Nielsen, on the July 22nd, 2014, I have been wanting to honour her with a tribute.  Overcome with so much emotion words have been difficult to find. So many words could describe her.  She was an Artist, Teacher, Award winning Quilter, Listener, Dedicated Genealogist, Seamstress and so many more that I may be missing.
Just a couple years ago a book was compiled filled with memories, photographs/ art, from children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for her to read.  I have shared what I wrote then, as it may give a glimpse into what my Grandmother was.

 I have always felt so close to you!  When I think back over the years I am amazed at the love and patience you have always had for me.  I can't count the number of times that I sat beside you sharing my sorrows and joys with you.  You have always been there to console me and love me and hug me!  Tender yet strong words always seemed to make everything better!  Your arms wrapped around me...hands patting me saying "there there".  You have always had the most amazing words of wisdom to offer me.

My memories of you run so deep, that it would take a book to write them all down. Some, would include the drive to Shuswap when you let me pick out my quilt design that a you would make me when I got 14.  When you smuggled sand from the White Sands Monument in your shoes so that I could have some as a keepsake when it was completely prohibited. Our Taxi ride in mexico in the cab without doors to shop for silver and vanilla.  Coming to your house first at Halloween before going anywhere else.  Finding you asleep in the mornings when we were dropped off at your house before school because you were reading late into night.  Going to do genealogy with you in Utah and stopping in to see the plow that B.F. Johnson used to first plow the Utah valley.   Christmas Eves at your house playing cards or doing puzzles. There are more than I can count.

And I can't forget all of the amazing food you would have for dinners and holidays. I know everyone raves about your popcorn balls. It was never Christmas without them!  I especially loved the date squares and the German chocolate cake!  Oh and I still have a love of peaches and cream, asparagus on toast, baby potatoes, peas and carrots in cream sauce,  and last but far from least.......toast and applesauce or pears.   Oh and the canning you would do was amazing!  The kitchen filled with the fruit of vegetable of the season,  wide mouthed mason jars, 4 canning pots on the stove ready to save the flavors of the summer for a cold winter.

As a child I loved it when we lived in the teacherage because we were so close to you. I have such visual memories of riding my bike to your house while the dew was still on the grass, coming in to see you while you were still asleep and snuggling with you in bed or wrapping up in one of your hand made quilts over the heat vent. Summer days spent playing under a quilt on a frame while you and Great Aunts, Great Grandmothers and many more sat for hours adding their touch one had stitch at a time to an artwork of love.  Memories and Quilts to be cherished for generations to come. I learned to quilt from the time spent with you.  When we moved to the acreage you came to our rescue on so many mornings when we had missed the bus or signing Mom's signature when we had skipped school.

 I loved to always be near you.  It was such a blessing to get to have you stay with us in Calgary  for that month.  Watching your tender touch with Veer, as you read to him melted my heart.  The moments of conversation and laughter will always remain. 

Grandma I want you to know that you have been a beautiful
example for me of Love, Caring, Strength, Hard work and Sacrifice.  I know that compassion, seeing the good in people and service have become part of me because of your example.  I am striving and hope to be as strong of a Woman, Wife, Mother and Friend as you were.  I love you dearly and always will! 

With all my Love,



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