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June 20, 2014

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Fairy Forest | 2014.06

Every May we along with half of Calgary make the May long weekend excursion out of the city to enjoy some fresh air and Nature.  As we made Shuswap our temporary home last year we were invited by my cousin and her friends to join them on a hike.....
Normally hiking is not really my after this spectacular sight it might just become "my thing."
In the soft mist rain we grouped at the highway to run across through speeding traffic to the enchantment on the other side.  We had walk not more than 4 meters when I realized that this would be a visual delight! Moss everywhere....mist lightly cleaning the apple green spring leaves......and then the magic of the waterfalls......Bridges......and toadstools.  What a stunning hike....not like any I would have taken in Alberta.  I will return to embrace the image of little fairies and sprites flitting about....dancing on the petals of flowers and hiding beneath toadstools. 

Here is a piece of art inspired by this moment and place. I hope you enjoy this! 
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