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July 6, 2013


Manveer & Amit | 2013.06.28

If you have never been to an Indian wedding you must find a way to attend one!  Festivities begin with a Mehndi Ceremony and ending in a Lavish reception spanning nearly a week sometimes more.  Besides these there is the Jaago, the Chura/ Chudi Ceremony or the Haldi Ceremony and the Wedding. Oh and not to forget the Doli and welcoming the Bride at the Grooms Home.
Needless to say it is a full week of Fun, Food, Family.....and Bungra!

Last weekend that is where I a spectacular Indian Wedding.....
Congratulations Manveer & Amit!  It was a pleasure to be there and thank you for Indulging my request.  You make a beautiful couple! Here is one of a few that I am creating for you!


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