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June 9, 2013

The Street!

Some of the most entrepreneurial people line the streets of India. Every time we would walk down to the market or to the park we would see the Taylor,  the Barber, the Dyer, the Rajai maker and many more.
This is all about the Rajai Maker.
The Rajai "thick quilt" was such an amazing thing to watch being made since I come from a line of quilters....My Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Mother and Generations of women before have passed down this art to me. Now the method may be a little different.....the stitches daintier....not as thick but the use of keeping you warm through the winter remains.
Here in India you can watch from beginning to end right on the side of the street.
Sewing the fabric with a pedal machine, Filling with layers of cotton, Beating the cotton,  Stitching completely through every layer and finally folding and display.  

I can't imagine how many are made each winter but I was grateful to have at least 2 or 3 to keep the cold night out while I slept.


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