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May 6, 2013

One of my most Loved images from India, was taken during the first trip in 2008.  When we arrived we   had a few weddings to attend during the trip so we had to have some tailoring done to prepare our outfits.  My Mother in Law has been going to the same tailor for years....since a young girl....when the Tailors' father, was the Tailor.  Now the business is run the Tailors' 2 sons.

Each time we went to Drop off or pick up the stitching I would see.... the Barber.
Sitting so calm and content that I had to take this image.   I loved seeing the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of India.  (I wish it was this free in Canada to set up shop........on the side of the road.)
We then returned 3 years later.....Preparing for another wedding and there he was...the same the same spot.

Here is the image from 2008.......and the same Barber in 2011.


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