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April 27, 2013

Woman in Fuchsia | Series:Women

This is the story……

As I sit waiting, in the middle of what we would call in Canada…Grid Lock, I am in one of the Shopping districts in Delhi.  Quite Literally bumper-to-bumper traffic with only sometimes a couple inches between each vehicle. You can touch the cars next to you as the mirrors are pulled in to not get crushed in the passing. I don’t mind. It is the norm here in India. In fact it gives me the precious time in my day with a 5 year old to sit and observe and see…..see the world around me and the brief clips of others lives.  

This is that very moment. Looking around I see a scooter, parked on the median beneath a tree of which, its branches are heavily laden with laundry drying in the heat. To the left of us delivery trucks loaded with parcels, a motorcyclist and his family narrowly pass through the little space left by a car inching forward.  Just ahead and to my right a building with so many balconies drying their laundry……..which is one of the sights I love to see everywhere I look here.

And then Her.......Standing watching the shopping crowd and traffic jam below. High above it she stands taking it all in. I wonder…..What she is pondering? Why is she standing there so long? What is her life like after she steps inside?  As I capture the closet image I can of her and most of the building before the sky darkens, I wish I had brought a longer lens, had the light last longer, or been able to jump out of my car to get closer to her. That would not happen this day.  So I watch her until we are finally able to turn and head away. 
Draped in Fuchsia, with just her eyes visible she stands so statuesque above us all with her gaze.  Her gaze that for an Instant appears to lock with mine.  You decide.
Here are the 2 Images…..


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