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October 21, 2014

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Give Thanks!

       This is the time of year that you spend with Family and Friends to give thanks for all that we have been given! Each time I travel to India I gain a greater appreciation for the people and environent surrounding me. While there I have been continueing my series on Women and Children.  This moment left me at a loss for words and resonated deep within my soul, to witness this young girl at our window.  To see the connection made for a brief instance as we were stopped for the train. 

Amongst the many things that I am grateful for....My Husband, my Son, our families and friends.. Lets try to be kinder and a better example for each person we meet. Hopefully such a thing will resonate beyond our little bubbles and touch lives that we never could have imagined!

About this photo:  On the way from Chandighar to Mukstar with Jimmy and newly wedded bride, Ampay.  Seated in the back seat my husband reaches out to this girl with whatever change he could find.



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