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March 5, 2011

Day 5:

The first Bracelet:
As I quietly entered my grandparents bedroom while we were visiting I paused to inhale it all.  The bed off to the right and lining the wall opposite the bed a length of bureau doors. Ceiling to floor doors made of a textured wood that I have never come across since. Opening the one that I knew housed the Jewels I held my breath in anticipation.  There they were hanging on the door every kind on necklace imaginable, from silver & gold to watermelon seeds & shells. The treasure I searched for was in the top drawer. Slowly I pulled the drawer and there is was glinting in the soft dim bedroom light.  The sparkling deep emerald green rhinestone sits with my other treasured jewelry. 

The second Bracelet:
Every morning I would jump on my bike and ride to my grandparents before my parents were even up.  I would talk to my Grandmother for hours.  When ever I arrived and no one was there I would try on my favorite bracelet. It had clear crystals, which I thought were diamonds,  that dangled from the band. When I would put it on and twist my wrist it would make a particular sound that I have never forgotten. I would dance in her bedroom keeping the treasure in eyesight, then carefully replacing it to it's special place in the middle, top drawer, velvet lined pocket.  This too is now part of my collection.

My Grandmothers have no Idea what they really gave me when they passed these to me.  As for so many other loving gifts of Bangles and Bracelets  given to me over the years I envision the thoughts of the person selecting these precious pieces.

I will always remember the First Day of our Marriage as we sat opening gifts and another treasure gift was placed in my hands, I had wished that I could have been transported to India to give my newest Father the loving gratitude in the form of a simple hug!  To know that he had been so thoughtful as to  choose the gift for his new daughter, a Set of the most Beautiful Bangles I have.  With little gold tassles and white stones.  I will forever cherish these.

There is a story behind every one of the Bracelets & Bangles in the images today.  I keep and treasure each one!


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