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March 9, 2011

Day 9:

Recycling!  I have always thought that recycling was a great idea.  I have not been an active participant for most of my life yet it is something I strive to practice in its entirety. 
So the day has come. 
I sit looking at my stack of newspapers that I so desperately need to deliver to the recycling bins.  Although, I must put far more effort into recycling than those that have a Blue Cart...Carted to their door by the City of Calgary.  If only we were so lucky as to have that convenience at such a small cost! 
 Instead of having a Cart right out my back door, which I can then roll(so easily) right down to the curb for it to be picked up by the City, I must choose my method of transportation carefully.

First I Bag them......Lug them to the elevator in 2 or 3 trips down to the car.......Veer attempting to help but getting underfoot.   Next, Down the stairs.....into the trunk......Buckle Veer.....Start the car and drive off.  Luckily I know where there are a couple of recycling sites or I would also need to take the time to google that. 
Lastly I pull up to the large bins and deposit the newspapers for recycling  and drive back home.
Needless to say I look forward to the day that I get to have a Blue Cart! 


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