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February 28, 2011

 This is very simple or very complex depending on who you might ask.  My Husband would say extremely Son..."lets picture (photograph) this".
I would tend to agree with my Husband in its complexity.  As I was thinking of what I would like to do this year quite a few projects came to mind which will be unveiled over this year.  All of which will be a Photo-A-Day works of Art.

Irish Eyes are Smiling.....A Self Portrait  will be a little different than what is says.  No I will not be photographing myself everyday.  That would become a little Narcissistic to say the least.  I am wanting to share a part of myself with friends, clients & family so that you can get to know me a little better.  Over the next month I will be posting about my Loves, my Inspirations, my Talents or Quirks & my Favorite things in life.

Please Share with Friends & post as many Comments as you like!  All will be appreciated!
My First Posting will be Tomorrow!   March 1st, 2010


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